Mineral Spa Daily hot spring mood

Mineral Spa 300ml

Daily hot spring mood

This bath Mineral Food solution "Mineral Food Spa" is an extract (concentrated Mineral Food) extracted from rocks (granite and basalt) in a special way. Because it contains ingredients similar to hot springs, it is easy to warm up and it becomes difficult to cool the hot water. When you warm your body, Meguri improves and you can expect support for your health.


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Mineral Spa 300ml 12P

Mineral Spa 300ml 12P


How to use

In the hot water of the bathtub (180-200L), put one or two cups of this product in the cap and stir well and take a bath.

If you put a glass (200mL) of purified salt in, your body will be more warm.

The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but the cleaning power may be weakened.

Please pay attention

  • If it doesn't fit your skin, stop using it.
  • If the stock solution gets on clothes, it may change color.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.
  • Do not place in a place exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Please do not drink it because it is not for Health beverage.
  • If the stock solution should come into your eyes, rinse with running water.
  • If you swallow a large amount, please let me drink water.
  • If you apply The Mineral Food solution directly without pouring water on the marble tub, please do not use it because it may discolor.


IngredientsRocks (Hanaoka rocks, basalt, etc.) sulfuric acid