Tuyatuya Konnnyaku rice Drying Konjac

Tuyatuya Konnnyaku rice drying type 60 g 7 bag

Drying Konjac

I feel refreshed with daily rice.
It is a safe and secure (rice-like) Drying konjac made by dehydration, drying, and molding of "Mukago konjac" grown without pesticides in the Toretes Plateau in Java.


About Tuyatuya Konnnyaku rice

Delicious, fun, satisfying, but hard to gain weight because calories are low!

I recommend such "Tuyutya Konnyaku rice" to the table every day by all means.

● 9 points that are nice

1. Ok with rice cooking as usual

After washing rice, it is easy because it only mixes it with rice and cooks it.

There is no need to wash and drain.

2. Calorie and carbohydrate cut

If you eat a cup of Tea bowl cooked by mixing white rice (1 bag) with this product (1 bag),

You can cut calories and carbohydrates by about 1/3. Cut 77kcal (about 31%) in a tea bowl.

This is equivalent to the amount of calories that can be consumed in about 45 minutes for a walk.

You can cut 231kcal by replacing three meals a day.

You can cut calories by about 61% by replacing it with 100% konjac rice.

Adjust the amount to your liking.

※ This product 1 bag is one piece.

3.Diary Fiber Food rich

With about one lettuce per Tea bowl, The Dietary Fiber Food is clean from inside your body.

4. Frozen storage is possible

Conventional konjac rice comes out with water at the time of thawing, but there are many things that become a sticky,

This "konjac rice" can be stored frozen after cooking rice.

You can enjoy it deliciously even if you thaw it in the microwave oven.

5.Drying type

Because it is a Drying type, it is excellent in storageability. (Best before date: 2 years from the date of manufacture)

Being lightweight is also one of the charms.

6. Less habit

It is familiar with rice well, and it does not make you feel konjacness so much.

7. Excellent sense of volume

Because the sense of volume is outstanding, you can feel a feeling of fullness.

I don't get tired of eating.

(In particular, curry, fried rice, doria, excellent compatibility with porridge, etc.)

8. Good compatibility with millet and brown rice

Even if you mix it with brown rice or millet, you can enjoy it.

9. Ultrafine ParticleMineral FoodBeauty Fluid contains "Ishi No Sizuku"

It combines several types of rocks and contains an aqueous solution extracted from Mineral Food while maintaining the crystal structure of Mineral Food.

These goods have the other line-ups

Tuyatuya Konnnyaku rice drying type 60 g 7 bag 3P

Tuyatuya Konnnyaku rice drying type 60 g 7 bag 3P


How to use

1. Wash 1 bowl of rice and put 1 package (60g) of this product. Konjac rice does not require washing rice.

Add water to a scale of 2.2, lightly mix, soak for about 30 minutes, and cook as usual.

3. When cooked, lightly mix and steam for about 20 minutes.

This product 1 package (60g) is about 1 minute.

In the case of 1 cup of rice and 2 package of this product (120G g), please put water up to the scale of 3 combinations.

If you cook only with this product, please put water up to one scale for 1 package (60 g).

The recommended percentage of rice and konjac rice is 1:1.

Please pay attention

  • Konjac rice does not require washing rice.
  • When washing rice, please do not put konjac rice in water.
  • Please adjust the amount of water to your liking.
  • We recommend that you reduce the amount of water.
  • There is a case where a black dot can be seen in the product, but this is the skin of konjac potato.
  • Please enjoy it with peace of mind.

  • ※ Please save away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.


Country of manufactureIndonesia
IngredientsTapioca starch, konjac flour, shell calcium, soft drinks, vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid