Tensai Tou Ideal for making Postry

Muso Hokkaido Tensai Ganmitsutou 500g 20P

Tensai Tou

Ideal for making Postry

"Tensai Tou" contains nectar and oligosaccharides made from beensai raw materials from Hokkaido.
I finish it so as not to burn as much as possible so that both taste and color do not get habit. It has a mellow flavor and a refreshing sweetness. When used for cooking, richness and teri come out.


About Tensai Tou

Oligosaccharides (raffinos) 2. It is "tummy-friendly Sugar" containing 3%.

How to use

Because there is a feature that sweetness is strongly felt when it cools down, please use the amount modestly depending on the dish.

Please pay attention

  • In order to prevent the invasion of ants and insects, please store them avoiding Soba such as cereals.
  • In order to prevent the smell of transfer, please keep it with a strong smell but avoid Soba.
  • Because there is a property that it is easy to harden, please transfer it to an airtight container after opening.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Please use as soon as possible after opening.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsTenna (Beet)