Tensai Tou Ideal for making Postry

Muso Hokkaido Tensai Ganmitsutou 500g 20P

Tensai Tou

Ideal for making Postry

"Tensai Tou" contains nectar and oligosaccharides made from Hokkaido's tensai raw materials.
I finish it so as not to burn as much as possible so that the habit does not come out with the taste and the color. It has a mellow flavor and has a refreshing sweetness. When used for cooking, richness and teri come out.


About Tensai Tou

Oligosaccharides (rafino-s) It is a "tummy-friendly Sugar" that contains 3%.

How to use

Because there is a feature that sweetness is felt strongly when it cools down, please use the amount modestly depending on the dish.

Please pay attention

  • In order to prevent the invasion of ants and insects, please keep away from soba such as cereals.
  • In order to prevent the transfer smell, please keep away from the ba of the one with a strong smell.
  • Because there is a property that it is easy to harden, please transfer it to a sealed container after opening.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Please use as soon as possible after opening.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsTenna (Beat)