Umeboshi Kuroyaki Fine powder of Umeboshi

Umeboshi kuroyaki 6P

Umeboshi Kuroyaki

Fine powder of Umeboshi

Intestinal effect
The black-grilled Umeboshi was made into black-grilled japanese umeboshi over time and made into a fine powder. It is a powerful one to make the power of Umeboshi more powerful.


About Umeboshi Kuroyaki

Umeboshi suppresses bacteria that inhibit the function of the intestine, serves to support good bacteria, and has a so-called intestinal action.

"Kuroyaki" is a powerful one with this wonderful effect.

How to use

Dissolve 2-3 teaspoons in hot water and drink.

Please pay attention

  • After opening, please use as soon as possible.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan