Yuki umebishio yoju Plum sauce from Nara

Yuki Umebishio yoju 250g 6P

Yuki umebishio yoju

Plum sauce from Nara

Warm up one's body
Organic ome cultivated in Nara Okuyoshino was dried in umeboshi and made using organic Soy sauce. Pour in musoubancha and enjoy with plum sauce. Organic JAS (JONA) certified product


About Yuki umebishio yoju

Plum sauce is kneaded by grinding umeboshi meat and adding Soy sauce.

As an allowance to warm the body, it is a classic plum sauce Yoju for macrobiotec lovers.

We used organic Soy sauce prepared with old-fashioned cedar barrels using organically grown domestic round soybeans and wheat.

How to use

・Add 1-2 teaspoons of "Ume Sauce Yoju", pour hot musouban tea for about 7 minutes, mix well and drink.

・ Add a little ginger to make it more delicious. Adjust the intensity to feel delicious.

・Before meals and on an empty day, drink 2 cups a day as a guide.

・ As Seasoningother, it can be used for various dishes like Soy sauce dale.

Please pay attention

  • Be sure to use a drying clean spoon. Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsOrganic soy sauce, organic plum meat (some of the ingredients include wheat and soybeans)