Ume ekisu Umeken Mineral Food Rich

Ume ekisu umeken 90g 3P

Ume ekisu Umeken

Mineral Food Rich

Kishu Ome
This extract is concentrated about 50 times as much as the large, thick, high-quality Ome juice from Kishu for a long time.


About Ume ekisu Umeken

Large and thick Kishu ome is used.

It is an alkaline Compound that contains a lot of Organic acids such as Ciric-Acid and succinate, as well as Minaral Food content such as Lacium and iron.

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Ume ekisu umeken 280g

Ume ekisu umeken 280g


How to use

Please enjoy about 1g to 3g a day as a guide.

Dissolve in hot water, add honey, and serve as plum juice.

Please pay attention

  • Please close the lid perfectly each time.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsPlum extract