Apple Vineger Organic JAS certified products

Muso Apple Vinegar 360ml 20P

Apple Vineger

Organic JAS certified products

It is pure apple vinegar certified by organic JAS made from only organic apple juice and made by the old-fashioned static fermentation method. It has a mild acidity and goes well with Western-style dishes.

1box (20 bottles)


About Apple Vineger

It is a mellow brewed vinegar made over a long period of time using only juice squeezed from organically grown apples and without adding any alcohol or the like.

How to use

Dressing, marinade and homemade mayonnaise.

Vermont Drinks... Please soak apple vinegar + honey in about 5 times with water.

There may be brown precipitation, but because it is a fruit juice component, there is no problem with the quality.

Please pay attention

  • Please save away from direct sunlight.
  • Before opening: 2 years After opening: Store in a cool and dark place, please use as soon as possible.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsOrganic apple juice