Nigari Simi Toufu Vegetable Protein Rich

Nigari Simi Toufu Sainome 70g 24P

Nigari Simi Toufu

Vegetable Protein Rich

Soybeans are frozen tofu made with time and effort without the use of bloated soft agents, using "domestic round soybeans" and "nigulation" (magnesium chloride) as a coagulant.

2box (24 pieces in total) set


About Nigari Simi Toufu

We do not do soft-swell processing using heavy layers. It is a slightly crunchy, old-fashioned flavor and texture.

Frozen tofu is a soy protein Supplement rich in vegetable protein.

How to use

Because it is not bulging and soft processing, please soak enough in plenty of hot water before cooking, or boil it in hot water and return it.

Soak baking soda in dissolved hot water for about 5 minutes and it will return softer.

(Approximately: about 2 to 3 g baking soda for hot water 500ml around 60 degrees C)

Please press the returned frozen tofu between both hands, squeeze the water, and then put it in the dashi soup after seasoning. (Please be careful of burns.) )

Because it is a one-size-a-side size, please use it for various dishes such as boiled and egg toji including.

Please pay attention

  • Please keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
  • In the case of long-term storage in summer, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator for quality preservation.

  • Retention period
  • Before opening: 6 months
  • After opening: Please use as soon as possible.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsRound soybeans (domestic, non-genetically modified), tofu coagulants (magnesium chloride)