Premium copaibamarimari It has been used as a panacea in the Amazon for 15000 years.

Premium copaibamarimari 20ml

Premium copaibamarimari

It has been used as a panacea in the Amazon for 15000 years.

Secret oil
Holy Natural SAP oil obtained by special collection Method limited to "Day of the New moon" handed down to Indio from ancient times. We will deliver "Copaibamarimari 20ml golden SAP Oil" created by the Amazon rainforest full of vitality and vigor to you who live in the city life away from nature.


About Premium copaibamarimari

The Sacred tree sap Oil of the natural plant ingredient received from the rare "Copaibamarimari 20ml" has been tightly condensed the blessing of the Forest of the Brazil and Amazon rainforest full of vitality and vigor by the method which has been handed down from ancient times.

How to use

-Mix it in a drink Drop 2 to 3 drops for hot or Blacktea.

If you make a habit of drinking from the usual, you will go to a healthier body.

● To care for your mouth

When your tooth decay or gums ache, when you have sores, soak the oil in a cotton swab and apply it directly to the sore area twice a day.

For gargling

Please drop two or three drops into the water to make your throat feel uncomfortable and voice.

-To the msms of the nose Soak the oil in the swab and apply it to the mucous membranes of the nose.

You can also use it by hanging a few drops on the gauze of the mask.

● To care for your skin

Please apply it to the place for the cut and the insect, the athlete's foot, the floor displacement, and the burn.

-As a Bath Salt Please use it as a Bath Salt for the Drying measures of the skin or instead of the body lotion.

Please pay attention

  • Allergic substances: If you have an allergic predisposition or skin that is weak, be sure to perform a patch test before use.
  • ※ Because it is a natural product of the native species, there is the case that some differences such as color and taste are caused by the natural environment.
  • ※ This product is not a medicine.
  • * The contents described are not guaranteed to be effective or beneficial.
  • * There are individual differences in effect and efficacy. ※ If you do not agree with the Constitution (when abnormalities such as rashes appear) discontinue use, please consult a doctor.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsCoppaiferyofficinalis resin