copaibamarimari 20ml The origin of the copebling

Copaiba marimari 20ml

copaibamarimari 20ml

The origin of the copebling

Golden SAP Oil


How to use

-Mix it in a drink Drop 2 to 3 drops for hot or Blacktea.

If you make a habit of drinking from the usual, you will go to a healthier body.

● To care for your mouth

When your tooth decay or gums ache, when you have sores, soak the oil in a cotton swab and apply it directly to the sore area twice a day.

For gargling

Please drop two or three drops into the water to make your throat feel uncomfortable and voice.

-To the msms of the nose Soak the oil in the swab and apply it to the mucous membranes of the nose.

You can also use it by hanging a few drops on the gauze of the mask.

● To care for your skin

Please apply it to the place for the cut and the insect, the athlete's foot, the floor displacement, and the burn.

-As a Bath Salt Please use it as a Bath Salt for the Drying measures of the skin or instead of the body lotion.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsCoppaiferyofficinalis resin