Jizania face and body soap Remove makeup, too.

gizania face and body soap 300ml

Jizania face and body soap

Remove makeup, too.

take good touch on one's skin
Remove only dirt firmly while taking care of the skin. Because the amino acid system which is weakly acidic and is gentle on the skin and the cleaning ingredient drops it neatly to oily make-up charge, you can use it with peace of mind for all people from the baby to the elderly.


About Jizania face and body soap

"Jizania face and body soap" using ingredients born from healthy Health beverage "Makomo" which has been loved by many people since the early Showa era is an additive-free, skin-friendly liquid soap that removes all allergy factors. It is widely available as Cleansing Washington Pack, Facewashing, Body Soap, Bubble Bath.


Product TypeSoap
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, cocoyl methyltaurine Na, perfume, ascorbic acid, cocoyl methyl alanine Na, citric acid, licorice extract, agetsu extract, hetima extract, hop extract, hibamata extract, peach leaf extract, magwa root extract, loquat leaf extract, otogiri saw extract, ogon extract, zenia oil extract, seiyo sawou extract, Hamamelis extract, Melissa extract, Melissa extract, Melissa extract, Melisa Rosemary extract, chamomile flower extract, cape aloe extract, murasaki root extract, rapeseed carrot extract, mink oil, hydrolyzed collagen (sakana), wheat oil, squalene, hydrolyzed elastin (Sakana), Makomo fermented extract