Le soin 完全無添加の手作りBath Soap

Le soin

Le soin

完全無添加の手作りBath Soap

Skin strength up


About Le soin

Le Sowan is an oil-based synthetic surfactant, mineral oil, preservative, stabilizer, alcohol, fragrance, coloring not used. It is made so that it can aim at a state that is strong with bare skin power by refraining from the raw material which stimulates the skin as much as possible.

How to use

Add a little water or lukewarm water and whisk in the palm or foaming net. Wash gently to wrap it in bubbles, then rinse well.

※It is recommended that you keep it in a place with good breathability by drinking water after use.

Please pay attention

  • ※Because I use a natural raw material, there is the case that some differences occur in the color tone, but there is no problem in the quality.
  • *Please stop using it when it is not suitable for your skin.


Product TypeSoap
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWe do not use stone ken base, sucrose, water, glycerin, honey, mineral salt, sorbitol, olive oil, kumaisasa leaf extract, silicate AI *mineral oil, petroleum surfactants, silicon, petroleum polymers, synthetic colorants, synthetic flavors, preservatives.