Aroma soap meririan Self-care items

Aroma soap meririan

Aroma soap meririan

Self-care items

Naturally cleaning the body
Based on the energy adjustment method transmitted to the East from ancient times, Yokoyama's "Diagnosis of Ki" analyzes the individual energy of plants and prepares them in the state of essential oils that are said to retain high vitality. This changes the phenomenon because it adjusts our "lack of ki" and cleanses the internal and external evils of the body. Because the skin is also well-groomed from the inside, and moisture and Stretch and luster are drawn out, the woman who cannot part with it comes out one after the other because of the excellence as cosmetics. Other changes appear in various fields, such as mental and ability.


How to use

Wash an appropriate amount of water or water thoroughly, and rinse well with hot or water.

Please pay attention

  • Because it is sensitive to moisture, please let drying well after use.


IngredientsCoconut oil, water, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, camellia oil, moon-viewing grass oil, flavoring (rosemary oil, bergamot fruit oil, atlas cedar bark oil, palmarosa oil, mayonara leaf oil, red pine oil)