Circuessencebodysoap Body soap that relaxes the mind and body

CircuEssence Perfect bodysoap 300ml


Body soap that relaxes the mind and body

Not to mention the skin is healed by a firm foaming and a smooth feeling, the action of the fragrance gives me a sense of tension.


About Circuessencebodysoap

"Circuit Essence Perfect Body Soap" supports Meguri, Relax, and mental and physical adjustment skills by washing the whole body.

We are particular about natural ingredients and use ingredients that are effective for moisturizing and beautiful skin.

It combines cleaning power, moisturizing power, and skin conditioning effect that can also be used as a Facewashing fee.

In addition, the fragrance and rich foam of "Circu Essence" which luxuriously blends 179 kinds such as oriental fruit trees, flowers, western herbs, etc. envelop the body, and the body and the body are enriched.

How to use

Push once or twice into a towel or foaming net and whisk firmly to include air.

Wash gently with creamy foam. Please shed well after that.

The point is to feel the scent of Circu Essence slowly.


Product TypeSoap
IngredientsWater, palm oil fatty acid arginine, laramidropropyl betaine, glycerin, hyaluronic acid Na, royal jelly extract, hatongi seed extract, hydrolyzed silk, brown algae extract, lemon fruit extract, cedar na extract, hop flower extract, seiyo red pine fruit extract, rosemary leaf extract, BG, hydroxide K, na chloride, fragrance (circulatu essence)

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