hairdryer Dryer to reduce electromagnetic waves

zenken hairdryer

Dryer to reduce electromagnetic waves

Gentle on hair and scalp with low temperature wind
・ The far-infrared effect makes the scalp and hair dry evenly and quickly from the inside.
・ The negative ion effect moisturizes the hair and prevents Static electricity.
・ Hot air with low temperature and large air volume does not damage hair and dries quickly.


About hairdryer

Weight: Approx. 550g (including nozzle)

Rated power consumption: 1,000W

Voltage: 100V (50/60Hz)

Low electromagnetic wave specification (approx. 2.7mG/7cm)

Far infrared specification (far infrared emissivity approx. 85%)

Low temperature: 60°C/TURBO (room temperature 24°C distance 10cm)

Large airflow (1.7 m3/min) specifications

Special honeycomb structure

With negative ion function


Country of manufactureChina
IngredientsBody: ABS resin/ PC resin, Nozzle: PC resin