Tsukiyominoshinjyu Akoya Pearl Pendant



Akoya Pearl Pendant

The incarnation of the two moons leads to the fulfillment of the full wish
Both pearls and silver have long been said to exorcise demons as "incarnations of the holy moon" and seize good luck.
A special "shinju" that shines purely as it was born from mother shells and silver that mimics the moon call Tsuki and regain its original divineness.


How to use

When I Suddenly Lost Myself In My Daily Life ... I gently put my hand on "Tsukiyominoshinjyu" on the chest. It is a sign to oneself who concentrates consciousness, renews energy, and "regains the original divinity and peace of mind". Encourage them to regain their axis in the Double Moon (Pearl and Silver).

To remember that it is "one and only shining being"..."Kokodama" is the alter ego of the soul connected with divinity♪ Before going to bed every morning or night, gently wrap the "heart bead" and close your eyes, let's take a leisurely breath and make your mind conscious. Connect with your essence and have a dialogue.

Please pay attention

  • ※ Perfume or audecolon may cause stains on pearls. Hairspray etc. will adhere dust, so be sure to wear it after makeup.
  • ※ Because the main component of pearl is Calcium, it is characterized by its weak acidity. When cooking, please be careful not to enter the glassware when using vinegar, dressing, fruit juice, lemon juice, etc. It can also dull the gloss.
  • * If the pearl touches the acid, wet the cotton swab with water, wipe it tightly and wipe it evenly, then wipe off the moisture completely with a dry cotton swab.

  • [Things that should not be close to pearls]
  • Sweat, acid, fat, cosmetic cream, hairspray, manicure, light remover, insect repellent (naphthaline, etc.), chlorine detergent, hot spring, ultraviolet rays, shock, fire (900 °C or higher)