The highest power of the series! Enjoy "sound" and "light" at the same time

The body is the biggest, and the music with scale and depth is the best in the series. The light like a phoenix spreading its wings is also powerful.


About Tomomi

The Tomomi series is the highest peak of the sound of the Ensound series, wrapped in the traditional craft "Bamboo Shade" of Ehime Prefecture.

The speaker unit mounted upwards on the tip of the large cylindrical body

It creates a sound space where high-quality sound is pouring down as a shower.

When the light bulb is lit, a beautiful pattern of light radiates from the gap of the braided shade.

You will be fascinated by the art of "sound" and "light".

The stylish design that fits the japanese, Asian and antique interiors is also attractive.

- Set contents

1. Tomomi body

2.Relay terminal for extending speaker cable

3. Speaker extension cord

4. Sarangnet

5. Speaker cable: 3m

- Unit: 10cm full range speaker (demagnetization , 6Ω) 1 piece

●Warranty period: 1 year

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TOMORI Kujyaku

TOMORI Kujyaku

Although it is a little more than half the size of "Phoenix", it is a standard type with full power. The light like a peacock spreading its wings looks like a heart shape one by one.




Although it is a little more than half the size of "Phoenix", it is a standard type with full power. Streaks of light like meteors create a fantastic space.


Please pay attention

  • * Unlike other En Sound Series, the Tomomi series requires wiring work.
  • ※ The amplifier is not built-in. It is also possible to incorporate a "high-definition stereo digital amplifier". 21,600 yen (tax included) separately
  • When purchasing, please check the presence or absence of an amplifier.
  • * If you want to listen to two "Tomomi" series (stereo), one amplifier is OK.
  • ・ The description is the price for one speaker. You can enjoy it with one bottle,
  • Please use multiple books when you enjoy the tone with a sense spreading from side to side, or when using it in a large venue.
  • ・ Because the shade is handmade using natural materials, the finish may be slightly different from the image.
  • ・ The Tomomi series is produced after ordering, so it takes time to deliver. Please understand it beforehand.


Product TypeNatural material (bamboo)
Country of manufactureJapan

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