En Sound Bar Amazing power with a small body

En Sound Bar Brown

En Sound Bar

Amazing power with a small body

A revolutionary speaker who feels the breath of life with sound
"I'm goosefowled," "It's like a singer is there," "Tears are coming in."
"En Sound Bar" was a place where people who used tones were taken heart.


About En Sound Bar

With a high sound × powerful sound that can not be thought of from a body of about 30 cm and 10 cm,

The sound of the original is cracked in the space.

The structure is a "soft body" born from the same revolutionary shipment as the "cuddle speaker".

It has a cylindrical structure similar to a human nod, achieving a soft and clear sound.

The living room is like a concert hall or movie theater.

Please experience this sound by all means.

- Recommended at such a time

・ For listening to music at a high volume

To the home theater

・ For watching sports

- Use high-grade natural leather made in Italy

The body wrapped in high-grade genuine leather made in Italy increases luster with each pass,

I direct the interior stylishly. Ensoy logo.

● Music that goes well with En Sound Bar

Jazz (Jazz)

Classic (Classic)

Chanson (Chanson)

Vocal (vocal)

Ethnic music

Healing (healing music)

Ambient (environmental music)

● Set contents

1.En Sound Bar Body

2.AC Adapter (INPUT AC100-240V, OUTPUT DC12V)

3. Stereo mini-cave at both ends

4. Battery box (for 8 AA batteries, alkaline batteries or nickel Hydrogen Blending batteries)

- Body size: diameter about 10× width about 31cm

- Exterior: natural leather (made in Italy)

- Weight: about 1kg

- Amplifier output: 15W + 15W

- Unit: 8cm full range speaker (antimagnetizing / 8Ω) 2 pieces

- Power supply: 8 AA batteries (nickel Hydrogen Blending rechargeable battery can be used) or AC power supply

* Drive time using battery box: Up to 40 hours (when alkaline batteries are used)

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En Sound Bar Order Color

En Sound Bar Order Color

Please choose your desired color. (orange, red, black, green, white)


How to use

- Since it has a built-in amplifier, you can enjoy it just by connecting it to the 3.5mm stereo mini earphone jack of the player (*).

An AC adapter is also included, so you can use an outlet.

1. Connect to a 3.5mm stereo mini earphone jack such as various smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs, CD compos, radios, portable music players, etc., and play the sound source.

2. Turn on the switch.

※ If you connect the included battery box (for 8 AA batteries) instead of the AC adapter, you can use it even in the open air without an outlet.

Please pay attention

  • ・Please take care of leather products regularly.
  • ・ For handmade, it may take some time to deliver.
  • In addition, please note that some individual differences occur in the finish of the product.


Country of manufactureJapan

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