meguribiaiuea Infrared effect by BIORUBBER

Esperanza Circulation Beauty Eyewear


Infrared effect by BIORUBBER

The latest eyewear using 100% bioesperansa ® that emits room temperature infrared rays


About meguribiaiuea

"meguribiaiuea" has appeared as a product that can be worn in situations where it is easy to overuse the eyes. Since the eyes are places where the amount of moisture is low where aging signs are a problem, daily self-maintenance is important. The flexibility of yamamoto material recognized by the world and the warm warmth of room temperature infrared light comfortably wrap your eyes. The new pink diamond on the inside will circle your head and turn on the mental happy switch.

How to use

Easy installation of the mane that is wrapped and stopped behind the head with Velcro. Open nose type that is easy to wear even from the top of glasses is adopted. There is a manufacturer's warranty depending on the individual number.

Please pay attention

  • ・Should you feel discomfort or abnormality during use, discontinue use immediately.
  • ・ Make sure there is no damage (fraying, torn, etc.) before installing.
  • ・Store at room temperature, avoiding places exposed to high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.
  • ・ You can receive a warranty by the individual number listed on the tag.


IngredientsNylon, polyurethane/ chloroprene rubber