Myojin genmai kurobaisen Nutritious brown rice powder

Myojin genmai kurobaisen 300g

Myojin genmai kurobaisen

Nutritious brown rice powder

100% life-in-rice
Brown rice is roasted slowly in far infrared rays and grilled black. Unlike "koge", it is made by roasting it while the air is cut off.  
The use of "black ware" to bake whole natural things black and eat is
It has been used as a folk remedy in Japan for a long time.


About Myojin genmai kurobaisen

Black-grilled brown rice is called "Genshin" and "Genshin" in the world of Chinese medicine in ancient times, and it has a history of being used as a strange medicine to improve various diseases.

By making it black-grilled, the nutrition of brown rice, of course,

Brown rice polyphenols and Minaral Food, etc. are born.

Warming warm from the core of the body, coupled with the adsorption force of charcoal,

It cleans the body.

It is a safe non-caffeine for pregnant women and those who are concerned about caffeine.

How to use

【How to eat】

(1) Put about 3g of a smallpoon in a cup.

(2) Pour about 150cc of hot water

(3) Adjust the amount of hot water according to your preference, mix well before serving.

◎Powder is topped with ice cream, yogurt, etc.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBrown rice (from Yamagata Prefecture)