Muso Honkuzu Honkatsu 100%

Muso Honkuzu 100% Powder 100g 20P

Muso Honkuzu

Honkatsu 100%

This is 100% honkatsu from Minami Kyushu, mainly Kagoshima Prefecture, without Imod starch. Because it is a powder type, the variation of the dish increases.


How to use

As waste water . . mix well in the ratio of water 10-15 to waste powder 1 in the pot, well kneaded so that the waste powder does not precipitate in the bottom of the pot over medium heat, it is ready to knead further 1-2 minutes when it becomes transparent.

As tempura powder ... It is ideal for tempura of tofu and vegetables with a lot of water. Put yoshino crumbs and powder in a bowl, powder the ingredients and raise them with hot oil. It is also melted with water or egg white and fried with ingredients.

Please pay attention

  • Before opening: 3 years
  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature.


Product TypeFood
IngredientsHonkatsu (domestic products)