Gaias multiband Smoother flow of biological current

Gaias multiband

Smoother flow of biological current

Multiband of [Black Igaias Series].
It is a multiband equipped with the new product Gaias chip that smooths the flow of biological current by combining two multilayer Maruyama coils + Corridra eye.
Capron fiber with electrostatic action is also used for the fabric.


How to use

Usage: Wear on the wrist and ankle.

(You can also connect M size and L size with a hook and surface fastener and wind it around the neck or the place you care about.) )

Please pay attention

  • Cleaning method: Wash by hand (liquid temperature up to 30 degrees). Please avoid using a large amount of softener as the detachable force of the hook and surface fastener used on the whole surface may be weakened. Do not use chlorine bleach, irons or Drying machines. Dry cleaning is not possible. Immediately hang in the shade after washing. Store in a well-airy place away from light (sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc.) after washing.


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