EM Bijin Whole body vine

EM Bijin

EM Bijin

Whole body vine

Body Facewashing silk mittens considering beauty and health.
The silk yarn of this product contains a rich amount of protein "sericin", and em-X ceramic is contained in the fiber.

Size: Tate about 18cm x Yoko about 10cm


About EM Bijin

We use carefully selected silk that does not contain any blends. Spuned raw yarn is also uniform with little unevenness.

Silk without impurities is used for the front thread, and it is knitted with back thread (polyurethane polyester) to make it elastic. Because it is 100% surface silk, it is very soft and comfortable to hit.

Silk, like human skin, is made up of proteins and contains 18 amino acids. In addition, it is excellent in the effect of smoothing the flow of "air" stuck in the body.

How to use

Please use a fine woven surface for the face with a rough woven surface.

Please massage the face after Facewashing and the body after washing extremely gently by including enough moisture. Please do it slowly and gently with a light touch as much as possible around the part where Pores are anxious, such as around the cheek and the small nose.

【Body Care Procedures】

Use Bath Soap, which is gentle on your skin with the palms, and gently wash the whole body with the palms to wrap it in foam.

When you soak comfortably in a bathtub, and your body warms up, go up from the bathtub and gently touch the surface of your skin with EM Bijin wet with hot water. The softened skin is a condition in which unnecessary keratin is easily peeled off naturally. Never touch it strongly, and massage it to the extent that it is twhen the skin surface is swept.

Please pay attention

  • Please massage "EM Bijin" wet in hot water with facewashing fee and gentle.
  • Silk products may become itchy temporarily because of the positive reaction.

  • 【Precautions at the time of washing】
  • Washing the hand washing such as pretend washing and gripping washing is the best.
  • Please use a neutral detergent in lukewarm water for washing.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Please dry the mouth rubber with the mouth rubber up and dry it in the shade.

Questions and Answers

Can I use it with soap?

Basically, you have them do without soap, but for those with weak skin and sensitive people, there is a case where the friction is too strong for the skin just to moisten it with hot water.

In such cases, use it with soap.

What is sericin?

Em silk mittens yarn contains a wealth of sericin.

Sericin is a protein with a strong antioxidant power that comes out as a by-product when silk is made from cocoons.

It is an ingredient that cleans the skin and helps to make skin with fine texture.

Does em silk effect change even if boiling and disinfecting?

EM silk mittens contain a protein called sericin, which is an ingredient that makes the skin smooth.

In general, it is said that proteins are sensitive to heat, so there is a possibility that the effect of sericin is impaired by pyrolysis.

In addition, if you wash using detergent, silk protein (sericin) will easily flow down, so please wash the hot water.

If you are concerned about the breeding of bacteria, we recommend that you dry it in a well-ventilated place where the sun shines as much as possible.


Country of manufactureMade in Japan
IngredientsSilk, polyester, polyurethane (100% silk