Embalance Water Tank The water is delicious and mellow.

Embalance Water Tank 12L

Embalance Water Tank

The water is delicious and mellow.

You can use it from home to business use.

It is the perfect size for barbecues and outdoor leisure activities. Size: 290 x Horizontal 190 x Height 350mm Heat-resistant temperature: (body) -30 degrees C to 60 degrees C (futacock nozzle) -20 degrees C to 140 degrees C (packing, medium rubber) -30 degrees C to 140 degrees C


About Embalance Water Tank

Just add the water and leave it for about 4 hours, and you'll get some good water.

It can also be used as a water tank for stockpiling at all times in an emergency. It is with bamboo charcoal pack (with nonwoven fabric) that can be used in a water tank! (Packed in the tank)

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Embalance Water Tank 12L 2set

Embalance Water Tank 12L 2set

Two sets of points are advantageous


Please pay attention

  • For the tank, we offer a set of cook and medium rubber for replacement. In the initial use, it smells peculiar to polyethylene. If you care, please put the supplied bamboo charcoal. Odors will fade away as you use them.


Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients(Body) Polyethylene [Embalance processing] (phras,, nozzle) polypropylene (packing, medium rubber) silicon rubber

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