Bamboosoap High-quality natural coconut oil

Bamboo bathSoap 120g


High-quality natural coconut oil

Bamboo Mineral Food is added, and it is a safe and secure soap without the addition of synthetic surfactants and synthetic additives. Because it is soap for the bath developed to protect the skin of the sensitive person and the baby of the skin, it washes it refreshingly while protecting moisture. We are particular about natural materials and handmade products.


About Bamboosoap

Bamboo grows without fertilizer or pesticides at all.

Bamboo contains a lot of active ingredients to cover its phenomenal growth. Bamboo, which has a short regeneration period and is not depleted, is an effective resource that leads to a sustainable society.

There are a lot of "washing" in daily life.

It washes the body for oneself, the child, and an important family.

Wash cloths that are essential to daily life.

Towels, futon covers and sheets, underwear and clothing that cover the body.

It is related to the meal which nourishes the body, and the tea bowl and the dish are washed.

Wipe up furniture, floors and window glass in a resting home.

What is the original smell of cloth, softness, and a sense of security for what you wash?

If there is this "washing", can you protect the important person?

Will your important people be happy?

This bamboo product (Laresibe-Obambu series) has the answer.

Lalecy Buo Bamboo means "wash with bamboo".

Living without burdening the body and the environment.

It is a symbiosis with a small living thing.

I can't see what's important to me

A fairy named Mineral Food of bamboo will take care of the "washing" scene in your life.

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Bamboo bathSoap 120g 5P

Bamboo bathSoap 120g 5P



Product TypeSoap
IngredientsSoap base (palm oil), domestic beef tallea, bamboo charcoal mineral solution, bamboo charcoal ash mineral solution