Somavedic Medic Ultra Healing Devices

Somavedic Medic Ultra

Healing Devices

Mitigating geopathic Stress and electromagnetic waves to create a harmonious environment
It is said that being exposed to various electromagnetic waves causes problems for nature, animals, and humans, but it is a healing device that harmonizes its effects. It can be used not only in ordinary homes, but also in hospitals, clinics, bioremanance centers, massage salons, cosmetic salons, and large buildings.

The body of the glass is made of crystal with additional uranium processing. Uranium is said to have the effect of neutralulating the effects of electronic smog (electromagnetic waves that can adversely affect the human body)


About Somavedic Medic Ultra

Various chronic unclear health problems may be caused by the geopathic Stress zone. Somavedic's effect on humans (except for physical sensations) can be measured with a wave measuring instrument. Somavedic is expected to remove geopathic Stress and electromagnetic smog.

■The internal arrangement of the body has changed■

Part of the production was done by robots, and the necessary parts were added and the internal arrangement changed.

If there are three lights on from the bottom of the device while it is energized, it is functioning normally.

These goods have the other line-ups

Somavedic Medic Ultra Portable key ring set

Somavedic Medic Ultra Portable key ring set


How to use

* Somavedic's monthly power consumption does not exceed 1 KWH (1 kilowatt hour). The electricity charge for one month is about 20 yen.

Please pay attention

  • * At the bottom of the Medic Ultra are three UV LED diodes that reach a temperature of 60°C. For that reason, it may get hot, but there is no problem at all in the function of the equipment. Please be aware in advance.