Somavedic Medic amber Somavedic's top-of-the-list models

Somavedic Medic Amber

Somavedic's top-of-the-list models

For those who are interested in 3G, 4G, 5G communication systems, electromagnetic waves, geopathic Dress zones, etc.
Medic Amber is a premium model in the Somavedic series, four times more power than the best-selling Medic Ultra.


About Somavedic Medic amber

Weight: About 820g

Dimensions: Diameter 14.5cm Height 8cm

・ This body color is not just amber color (amber), but powdered and blended with Powerstone amber.

・ The inside of the main body adopts "silver coating" to further enhance the function of the main body.

・ If you have a USB port, you can use it anywhere

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somavedic medic amber champagne

somavedic medic amber champagne


Please pay attention

  • * Like other Somavedic series, it can be used anywhere or in the environment.
  • *On the bottom of the Medic Amber, there are three UV LED diodes that reach a temperature of 60°C.
  • There is a possibility that it becomes hot for that, but there is no problem in the function of the equipment at all. Please be aware in advance.

  • ※About the guarantee※
  • The warranty of the equipment is 5 years. Warranty repairs are carried out by replacing the goods.
  • This warranty applies only to part failures, functional failures, or missing items in the manufacturing process. Damage caused by improper handling or force majeure (such as lightning or earthquakes) is not covered by the warranty.


IngredientsSilver plated, crystal amber glass