Somavedic Medic sky5G Healing Devices

Somavedic Medic sky 5G

Healing Devices

Protecting the human body from electromagnetic waves and comfortable and natural environment
Medic Sky 5G is a product specialized in protecting against cooperation electromagnetic waves positioned between Medic and Medic Ultra. It protects the human body from intense electromagnetic waves and creates a natural and comfortable environment.
* Medic Sky 5G is compatible with Somavedic Portable, but does not support water activation.


About Somavedic Medic sky5G

Medic Sky 5G's containers apply the wave-up power of silver materials and silver coat the inside to further increase somavedic waves.

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Somavedic Medic sky 5G Portable Pendant set

Somavedic Medic sky 5G Portable Pendant set