Meitya Soba Taste of the first-class restaurant

Meicha Soba 90g

Meitya Soba

Taste of the first-class restaurant

The finest tea soba recognized by the professional
Using high-quality matcha nearly four times as much as usual, it is made only with flour, Soba powder, and salt, and it is a soba made in pursuit of the limit of taste without using any additives to maximize the original taste of the ingredients.
It has a wide reputation and is used as a hotel, inn, and in-flight meal all over Japan.


About Meitya Soba

Some green teas are 1kg100,000 yen for expensive ones, and the special ingredients are used, and green tea contains vitaminC four to seven times that of oranges and seven times as much as burdock.

The noodle-beating water digs wells and uses natural water from the subsoil water of the Tenryu River, which is pumped up from the water vein 70 meters underground.

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gift set with Meitya Soba and Ishiusu Hiki Soba with plenty of high-quality matcha


How to use

[How to boil well] Please prepare the soup and condiment before boiling.

※Boiled time

Chilled Soba 4 and a half minutes

Warming (Soba) 4 minutes

(1) Bring 2L of water to 2L per meal in a large pot.

(2) Put the noodles and boil them in the time of display while loosening well with chopsticks. (When boiled, adjust the firepower to the extent that it does not spill without splashing without water.) )

(3) When boiled, wash thoroughly and then rinse with ice water.

☆ How to make mentsuyu

Chilled (in the case of Zaru Soba): Rinse with 110ml of cold water.

Warming (in the case of kake Soba): Please rinse with hot water 230ml.

Please pay attention

  • In order to keep the color and aroma of tea Soba, please save it in a cool and dark place. Please enjoy it as soon as possible after opening.
  • If you are allergic to raw materials, please be careful when you eat.
  • The product's production line also manufactures products that contain eggs.
  • The best before date is about one year from the date of manufacture.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients[Tea soba] flour, matcha (Kawane-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture), salt, buckwheat flour (from the United States) [Mentsuyu] soy sauce, flavor raw materials, etc.