Kineuchi Men Kisimen Nodgoshi is a slea!

Katuo Dasi 150g 2pcs 10set

Kineuchi Men Kisimen

Nodgoshi is a slea!

The flat noodle type of throat is smooth kishimen.

Tsuyu 35ml × 2 meals with 10 bags


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Kishimen 180g 36set

Kishimen 180g 36set

Noodles only


How to use

1. Put the noodles in hot water, boil for about 1 minute, drain, and wash with water.

2. Put 300cc of water in a pot, put it on the fire, return the noodles after fluff, simmer for about a minute, turn off the heat, and add your favorite soup.

3. Transfer into a bowl and serve with long green onions, shichimi, seasoned fried tofu, tempura, and other ingredients if you like.


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