Re Coenzyme Candy Salt Good to drink, good for cooking, good for bath

Re Coenzyme Candy Salt 35g 3P

Re Coenzyme Candy Salt

Good to drink, good for cooking, good for bath

Mineral Food & Reducing Power
It is a rock salt created by the natural phenomenon of crustal deformation due to magma about 380 million years ago.
The size of the grain is large.

* Please use "Re Coenzyme Bio Salt (for Mill Refill)" when refilling.


About Re Coenzyme Candy Salt

"Re Coenzyme Salt" that can be used at the same time as "rust prevention" and "Mineral Food replenishment" just by incorporating it into everyday meals and bathing.

- By neutralizing the substance that is a factor of high [reducing power] "rusting" of about -350mV, the power to produce unnecessary things increases, and resistance can be expected to increase.

- Mineral Food rich in 13 kinds of natural Mineral Food plays a role as [supplement Enzyme] in the body, and supports so that various chemical reactions occurring in the body are performed smoothly.

-When dissolved in water, [Hydrogen Blending] occurs Hydrogen Blending generated by dissolving [Ri Coenzyme Salt] in water is a source of [reducing power]. When measured with a dissolved Hydrogen Blending meter, the value is about 450 ppb (about 0.45 ppm).

Nutritional Table (per 100g)

Flam "2.4mg" Manganese "0.20mg" Silicon "60ppm"

Sodium "39.1g" phosphorus "4.5mg" Zinc "0.31mg" Potassium "94.9mg"

Copper "0.14mg" Chlorine "60.4g" Magnesium "0.4mg" Io "0.26mg"

Fluorine "1.5mg" Iron "40.8mg"

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How to use

※ Just lick like candy OK

・ To accompany the exercise on a hot day!

Please pay attention

  • ・Do not store in hot and humid places.
  • ・ The contents may harden, but there is no effect on the quality. If it becomes humid, bake in a frying pan.
  • ・ Contains natural sulfur ingredients, and when dissolved in water, it smells like a hot spring egg. increase
  • It disappears over time after heat cooking and use.
  • ・ Contains reducing Fineral Food, and may turn blackish when moisture is included,
  • There is no impact on quality. It is a reduction reaction of Hydrogen Blending.
  • ・ Depending on the material of the cookware (such as horrow), it may be colored. perhaps
  • When coloring, please use commercially available chlorine bleach as described in the instructions.
  • ・ It is made from rock salt, which is a raw material, and uses a high-purity part suitable for food.
  • The color, size, and flavor of the particles may vary.
  • ・ When dissolved in water, the reduction action lasts about 1 day.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredientsrock salt

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