Re Coenzyme Beauty Salt Mineral Food & Reducing Power

Re Coenzyme Beauty Salt 100g

Re Coenzyme Beauty Salt

Mineral Food & Reducing Power

Beautiful skin salt ●Grain size: fine powder

Let's carry the beautiful skin water of "Beauty Salt" Water is placed in a clean empty container (50ml) and "beauty salt" is melted at a rate of about one ear-scratched embryo. In a little spare time, just pick it up and put it directly on your arm or face. If you have weak skin, please reduce the salt.


About Re Coenzyme Beauty Salt

It is a micro powder of "Re Coenzyme Salt". Because of the fine powder, it dissolves well in water or liquid.

An appropriate amount can be used directly on your skin and scalp.

It has the effect of reducing your skin by the antioxidant Mineral Food component of "re-coenzyme salt".

It is also recommended for delicate skin because it also has the effect of decomposing chlorine (kalki) contained in tap water.

High of about -350mV [reducing action]

By neutralizing substances that cause rust, the ability to produce unnecessary things increases and resistance can be expected to increase.

● Rich in 13 types of natural Minaral Food

Mineral Food plays a role as a "complementary Enzyme" in the body and supports the smooth use of various chemical reactions occurring in the body.

When dissolved in water [Hydrogen Blending] occurs

Hydrogen Blending, which is generated by dissolving "re-coenzyme salt" in water, is the source of "reducing action". When measured with a dissolved Hydrogen Blending meter, it shows a value of about 450 ppb (about 0.45 ppm).

How to use

※Please use about one pinch to about one teaspoon as a guide in one use.

・If you dissolve it in water or hot water and massage it, it will be the original whiteness. You don't have to wash it off.

・If you dissolve it in water before going out and apply it, it becomes ultraviolet measures with excellent reduction action.

Please pay attention

  • ● Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cold and dark place.

  • ・Do not use it for applications other than skin care and bathing. It is not edible.
  • Contains natural sulfur ingredients. If you are concerned about the smell, please ventilate it.
  • Do not use the remaining hot water for washing.
  • Do not be strong lysis or soak. It may damage the skin.
  • ・If you experience any abnormalities such as rashes, redness, itching, irritation, etc. on your skin or body during use or after use, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  • ・When dissolved in water, the reducing effect lasts for about one day.
  • There is no problem in the quality though the contents may harden.


Product TypeBath salt
Country of manufactureJapan

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