Evermere UVGEL Sunscreen Cut daily UV rays firmly

Evermere UVGEL 80g

Evermere UVGEL Sunscreen

Cut daily UV rays firmly

The main ingredient of this sunscreen is water.
This cream stops the stain freckle by the sunburn.
You can use it for your face and a body every day.


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Evermere UVGEL 30g

Evermere UVGEL 30g


Questions and Answers

How to use

Is it possible to drop it only with soap or body soap when used on the body?

Evermere UV gels can be easily dropped with soap or body soap. In addition, the Cleansing Washing Pack with gel cream can be sufficiently dropped.

In what order do you use gel cream, UV gel and liquid Foundation?

First, let the gel cream soak on your skin. After that, stretch evenly so that the UV gel does not remain painted. Finally, apply a mixture of liquid Foundation and gel cream in your favorite color.

Is it safe to paint from the top of my makeup?

Depending on the state of the makeup, repainting from the top of the makeup, I do not recommend because the finish may change.

Can I mix it with Liquid Foundation?

We do not recommend using a mixture of UV gel and liquid Foundation.

Do I need to repaint?

In order to increase the effect of preventing sunburn, use a sufficient amount, please repaint frequently. In addition, please wipe your skin, and repaint it even when this product has fallen.

If I have a UV gel, can I do Skincare without gel cream?

UV gel is also moisturizing because it is a Sunscreen with plenty of moisture water that contains about 80% water as well as gel cream, but the best use is to prevent ultraviolet rays, it is a product developed as Sunscreen.

Gel cream, on the other hand, was developed as Skincare to create an environment that smoothly prepares your skin by considering the moisture of your skin first. So if you're thinking of Skincare, we recommend using gel cream.

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

Water proof?

It is not Water proof. EvermereUV gel is a Label product made of water about 80% more moisture than Water proof performance.

Because it is a water Of The Savs, you can feel a natural feeling against your skin.

In addition, if the UV gel has flowed down due to sweat, etc., or if it has fallen off wiped with a towel or the like, please repaint the UV gel and prevent UV rays firmly.

How long can I use it if I only use it on my face every day?

After applying gel cream every morning, apply 1 to 2g (two to four pearl grains) to the face.

There are individual differences, but you can use it for a period of about one and a half to two months. In addition, UV gel is a cosmetic with UV protection function. I think that some people use it only during the summer period, but ultraviolet rays are pouring down regardless of the season. We recommend uv light protection throughout the year by using UV gel every day.

Can I use the remaining UV gel for the next year?

Depending on the storage condition, please refrain from using the carry-over to the next year because it may affect the quality. Please use as soon as possible after opening.

What is the actual UV protection effect?

According to the guidelines of the Japan Federation of Cosmetic Industries, SPF30 and PA++ are suitable for everyday life to light sports and leisure activities outdoors. SPF is a numerical value that shows the effect of preventing UVB, and it is a measure of how long it can be extended before inflammation (sunburn) occurs.

There are individual differences, but for example, if you cause a sunburn in about 20 minutes, applying SPF30 cosmetics to prevent inflammation for about 600 minutes. In addition, the value is a numerical value indicating the effect of preventing UVA, and it is a value that measures how long the skin can grow to black (santan). There are individual differences, but compared to the state where nothing is applied, applying PA++ cosmetics can prevent the skin from becoming black for four to eight times the time.

Does UV gel color discolor with clothes?

Compared to the general sunscreen agent that contains ultraviolet scattering agents, UV gels have excellent transparency.

Therefore, if it adheres and washes immediately, the dirt is relatively easy to fall off. However, since various components such as coloring components and plant-derived components are blended, even if you do not care at the time of adhesion, there is a possibility that it becomes stain after time has passed or after washing. Therefore, as with gel cream, please be careful not to attach to clothes.


Product TypeCosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, glycerin (moisturizing), ethylhexyl methoxysilicate (prevention of sunburn), BG (moisturizing), glycyrrhilate glycetinyl (prevention of rough skin), glycyrrhizinate 2K (prevention of rough skin), allantoin (prevention of rough skin), polyquaternium-61 (moisturizing) ), amamo extract (moisturizing), aloe vera leaf extract (prevention of rough skin), ogon extract (prevention of rough skin), kawara mugwort extract (skin roughness prevention), chlorella extract (moisturizing), soybean extract (moisturizing), squalane (emolinto), hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing) ), water-soluble collagen (moisturizing), pentylene glycol (moisturizing), hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizing), brown sugar extract (moisturizing), alginate Na (viscosity adjustment), carbomer (viscosity adjustment), (styrene / acrylic acid alkyl) copolymer (film formation), Bifidobacterium fermentation extract (moisturizing), polysilicone-14 (film formation), caramel (coloring), K hydroxide (pH adjustment), tocopherol (antioxidant product), ethidronic acid (stabilization), bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyltriazine (anti-tanning), sea salt (moisturizing), t-butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane (anti-tanning), phenoxyethanol (stable rot), methylparaben (preservative stability)

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