Evermere Gel Cream Skincare, this one is OK

Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g S-Type

Evermere Gel Cream

Skincare, this one is OK

The main ingredient is special water for evermere cosmetics.
The other cosmetics is different in the main ingredient's being oil.
This is the cosmetics safest for a body in Japan.
When this cosmetics is used, skin is moistened, so skin lotion, milk lotion, an essence and cream aren't necessary.
Your skin is always kept beautifully.

One-touch refill. Gained through the vacuum extraction system. Contents weight 500 g. About 2 month's rent.


These goods have the other line-ups

Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack

Evermere Gel Cream 500g S-Type Repack

Refill type environment-friendly. 500 S pump with one-touch refill replacement. Contents weight 500 g. About 2 month's rent.


Evermere Gel Cream 1000g N-Type Repack

Evermere Gel Cream 1000g N-Type Repack

Refill type environment-friendly. With a convenient re-sealable Cap. What amount of 1000 g. About 4 month's rent.


Evermere Gel Cream 180g

Evermere Gel Cream 180g

Inside out-same thermos not affected by temperature double structure. Diameter 9 cm height 5.8 cm. Contents 180 g. About 3 weeks.


Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g E-Type

Evermere Gel Cream Pump 500g E-Type


Evermere Gel Cream airless 150g

Evermere Gel Cream airless 150g

Was a limited production, but the regular product. Airless container contents into the air without touching, excellent hygiene. Contents weight 150 g (gel jar 180 and pump 500 series and the contents are identical)


Evermeregel tube 70 g

Evermeregel tube 70 g

Portable hand-held (tubed)


Evermeregel tube 20 g

Evermeregel tube 20 g

Portable hand-held (tubed)


Questions and Answers

About the product

What is the difference between pump 500 E pump 500 C and pump 500 S?

Structure of pump body and refill replacement methods are different.

To customers who purchase from us we recommend you pump 500 S.

Pump body and refill replacement of wrong combinations and will order the correct use can not be.

Please contact store staff will inform the appropriate product for details.

What is the difference between the "relaxing hand gel" "gel"?

Creams and relaxing hand gel are made with the same ingredients, but

Relaxing hand gel is 8 * botanical essences scented hand treatment.

* Grapefruit Peel oil, coriander oil, damask bra flower oil, nioytendichaoy oil, palmarosa oil, vetiver root oil, lavender oil, Roman Chamomile flower oil (with flavor)

When the felt hand Drying

You want to enjoy the scent, relaxing hand gel

To those who like smell The gel pump 50, well recommended.

For information about using

Lot can I use for what?

With plenty of use.

Indication of the amount spend on your face at night, is a cherry-sized (approx. 6 g).

If the pump is approximately 2 push.

Facewashing and then take in the Palm of your hand, 2-3 times, to entire face gently with plenty of.

Why is stroking the wrecks and dirt comes out?

Working in Evermere Gel Cream to soften hard calluses and strong holding power.

Soak for a long bath and Skin maceration, it easier to hit the dirt, grime and dirt to stagnancy in the holding power of the gel, Evermere Gel Cream with this same condition is created.

By dead skin aging can take is to clean skin. : Note do not rub. Week 1-2 times to measure.

Contains UV protection ingredient?

To prevent the UV Evermere Gel Cream ingredients are not included. Skin with dew available UV gels, powder Foundation.

Peeling but not come out dirt well.

May vary in the quality of your skin.

Even with the peeling dead skin cells goes easily, and there are no better.

Please note that the massage too and causing trouble for your skin. Because they may cause skin problems too and that dirt does not fall easily, massage, roughly a week to 10 days between the try.

Exfoliation every day you can good for?

Aka took is basically we recommend twice a week.

So if you have any tingling while watching the condition of your skin, reduce the number of and once every two weeks or once a month. So will he hurt his skin was too much rubbing of the skin and often unflattering take careful care.

You can use the cleansing Washing Pack?

Gel softens your skin surface of makeup cause stains.

Wipe off

By Cleansing Washing packs are available.

Eye makeup and lipstick, clean gently with a cotton infused gel.

After that, damp face cherry gel, clean with a tissue or facial sponge (Water proof makeup is tough, so please use dedicated Washing Pack Cleansing agents).

After that, try Facewashing in 'mild Facewashing cream or "soft Facewashing form'.

What ages are covered?

Evermere Gel Cream is a cream was originally developed for chapped hands, cream purpose is supplementing the moisture on your skin.

Regardless of age, can be used with confidence. Can be used with your family than a cosmetic moisturizing creams and your thoughts.

Chilled in the refrigerator and can be used?

Gel can be stored at room temperature.

Please avoid the container into the refrigerator.

Cool, you want to be available when only one transfer change to another, do you put in the fridge.

However please note that the smell would move to gel when taken along with the Supplement is subject.

For the raw materials and manufacturing methods

What is a gel?

Jelly Sticky Gel and exist in the natural world of plants and living body that is. These include seaweed, Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and Collagen.

Have characteristics of difficult drying, easy absorption of water. Evermere Gel Cream is a characteristic of this gel skin-friendly cosmetics.

But I end up licking pets OK?

We ask may end up licking pets for Evermere Gel Cream has a distinctive sweet taste was developed as a Supplement is not so, should be avoided.

Is opened and then how long?

Unopened, 3 years.

It is recommended that you use at your earliest convenience as possible, avoid locations exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity hits after the opening.

What are features of Evermere Gel Cream?

Gel to Evermere cosmetic products are thoroughly safety-controlled factory, we are made carefully.

Water accounts for 80% of the ingredients of the gel is a highly pure and polished kwassui process water, and this is a major advantage.

Also, do not use mineral oil, ethanol, fragrance, surfactants.


Product TypeCosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, glycerin, BG, squalane, avocado oil, Glycyrrhizic acid 2 K, allantoin, soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, Bifidobacteria fermented extract, soy extract, Chlorella Vulgaris extract, Artemisia capillaris flower extract, Aleve La leaf extract, tocopherol, brown sugar extract, caramel, sea salt, alginic acid, carbomer, potassium hydroxide, methylparaben

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