Embalance Collophane Use a mysterious plastic material "Embalance"

Embalance Collophane

Embalance Collophane

Use a mysterious plastic material "Embalance"

Keep good material in good condition The taste of the top notch


About Embalance Collophane

It is a wrap of the additive non-use.

The supplement is long-lasting, and it has the action of plus α to advance aging.

Embalance Features

・Slows oxidation and deterioration, keeps freshness

-Increase the ripening, taste up ・Action on deodorant, bacteria, and peace of mind

How to use

* It does not generate dioxin or chlorine gas even if it burns. ※ When heating the supplement in a microwave oven, please use a deep plate and do not touch the lap directly Supplement.

Please pay attention

  • Heat-resistant temperature:-70 °c to 110 °c


IngredientsPolyethylene (enbalance processing)

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