Embalance Collophane Use mysterious plastic material "Embalance"

Embalance Collophane

Embalance Collophane

Use mysterious plastic material "Embalance"

Keep good materials in good condition To the taste of one rank up


About Embalance Collophane

It is a wrap of the additive non-use.

The supplement is long-lasting, and it has the action of plus α to advance aging.

Embalance Features

・Slows oxidation and deterioration, keeps freshness

-Increase the ripening, taste up ・Action on deodorant, bacteria, and peace of mind

How to use

* It does not generate dioxin or chlorine gas even if it burns. ※ When heating the supplement in a microwave oven, please use a deep plate and do not touch the lap directly Supplement.

Please pay attention

  • 耐熱温度:-70℃~110℃


IngredientsPolyethylene (Embalance)

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