Embalance Kitchen

Embalance is a revolutionary new plastic that selects a resin that does not generate chlorine gas even when incinerated, and has the effect of preventing oxidation (the effect of preventing deterioration) and the effect of promoting activity and maturation.

It is a plastic with unprecedented added value that preserves the freshness of Supplement, makes the taste mild, warms the human body, heals, and cheers.

Embalance has steadily established a new plastic culture, spreading from Supplement packaging materials to water conservation, agriculture, nursing care and medical care.

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Embalance Pitcher The water is mellow.

Embalance Steam Box Easy and speedy cooking in the microwave

Embalance Water Tank The water is delicious and mellow.

Embalance Back Variety Set Freshness lasts long

Embalance Collophane Use the mysterious plastic material "Embalance"

embalance Square 2100ml with basket With easy-to-use monkey

Others 6 entities