Pinto tronco Make the right posture a habit

Pinto Tronco

Make the right posture a habit

Three-dimensional shape cushion that makes the foundation of the trunk!
If you support the base pelvis to wrap it in a three-dimensional shape, the spine begins to be arranged so that it stacks up.
"p!nto TRONCO" does not have a backrest where comfort based on grounds dwells even in the ease of sitting on the stump for a moment.


About Pinto tronco

[Butt support] ... It prevents the pelvis from collapsing sideways and gives the correct position information of the sedamabon, which is the key to the sitting position balance.

[Support of the pelvis] ... It prevents pelvis distortion and back inclination and gives you the correct location information to keep your body on the ground.

【Support of the foot】... It prevents excess tension in the foot and gives information to keep the thigh in the correct position where it is easy to move the hip joint.

Size: Diameter 450mm × Thickness 100mm

Weight: 1.1kg


IngredientsCushion material: polyurethane HR foam, cover fabric: PVC 100%