Nihon no Mame Curry Vegetarians and children

Nihon no Mame Curry 200g

Nihon no Mame Curry

Vegetarians and children

Produced by Yumeko Canou
Nihon no Mame Curry

It is a retort, yet it has a deep taste that you would not think was made without animal Supplement, chemical Seasoningother, additives, Sugar, etc.

By all means, please enjoy once.


How to use

[When warmed with hot water]

Put the bag (retort pouch) in boiling water without sealing it, heat it for about 5 minutes, and then enjoy.

[In the case of microwave oven]

Transfer to a deep container and heat it with a wrap.

Please pay attention

  • One and a half years from the date of manufacture (at the time of unopened)
  • Please enjoy it immediately after opening.
  • The production line of this product manufactures products including eggs, milk, flower fallen, petals, and cannies.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsIngredients: beans (soybean, white beans, gold beans), onions, carrot paste, tomato puree, eaten rice oil, wheat miso, soy sauce, flour, salt, curry powder, spices