flexecrewsocks Socks that adjust the center of gravity just by wearing them



Socks that adjust the center of gravity just by wearing them

It loosens the muscles and encourages the body to its original position, supporting style-up.
"Sato-style lymphatic care" is a popular health beauty method where you can get healthy beauty with simple operation. Dr. Seiji Sato, a dentist who is an advocate, thought about how to easily switch on the clean and energetic life, and developed the "Flexor" series.


About flexecrewsocks

Just by wearing it, you can stick out in the wrong direction, such as a plump tummy, a sagging hip Bath, or a double jaw, and lead the part that was falling to the state you should be. The part that had been pressed by the deviation of the body is released, and the movement and Meguri are smooth. It also fosters a sense of transparency of the skin.

How to use

※ Please wear the heel part together.

Please pay attention

  • 【How to wash】
  • Do not wash with light-colored ones. It may fade or change color to other fabrics.
  • This product can be washed in the washing machine. When washing, use the laundry net, and after washing, please hang it in the shade. Do not use irons or bleach.
  • Please do not use the Drying machine. It may cause the product to hurt.
  • This product can not be dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is allowed, but tumble drying should be avoided.

  • [Caution (disclaimer) (please read by all means)]
  • ◆ I knit the fingertip to tabi type. Therefore, the knitting of the finger looks like a "hole", but due to the nature of knitting, it becomes an inevitable "skima". Please use it as it is.
  • ◆ Knitted with a special support structure, on the back of the switching portion of the support, it has a structure that the break of the thread comes out. Please note that there is a possibility that the cut may appear by putting it on a washing machine or tumbler drying machine, or by pulling it extremely.
  • ◆ In rare cases, there is a thing that the thread pops out long on the table. In that case, leave about 5mm and cut it with scissors.
  • ◆ If swelling or pain occurs, stop using immediately, please consult a doctor.
  • ◆ If you are pregnant, please wear it after consulting your doctor.


Product TypeSocks
IngredientsNylon, cotton, polyester, polyurethane