Euglena D and D 栄養素豊富な微生物サプリ

Euglena Capsul 150pcs


人に必要なvitamin・Mineral Food・アミノ酸といった栄養素を豊富に含んでいます。高い消化吸収能力をもった微生物からできたサプリメントです。


About Euglena D and D

Euglena, which means "eu" eyes (glena), is a microorganism with the properties of both animals and plants.

It is rich in rich vitamin Mineral Food and well-balanced amino acids.

Well-balanced formulations are essential for human life.

How to use

Please enjoy 5-10 tablets a day with water and hot water.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsEuglena, Brewer's Yeast, Caramel