Biwa Maru 「Nejime Biwa Tea」配合Supplement

Nejime loquat tea blending food Biwa-360

Biwa Maru

「Nejime Biwa Tea」配合Supplement

It is put out, and it is refreshing, and it is a lifestyle measure.
"Nejime Biwa Tea" is pulled out without leaving the useful ingredients of the leaf of Biwa from Kagoshima Prefecture.
It is a popular health Supplement when the body is refreshing by working from nature.
"Biwa Maru", a grain type that condenses the useful ingredients of nejime Biwa Tea, has been introduced.


About Biwa Maru

Condensed tightly nutrient-rich [Nejime Biwa Tea]

"Nejime Biwa Tea" is made of Biwa leaves, which have been known for its long health effects.

There are many voices such as "my legs are no longer mukumuku", "I'm less likely to gain weight", "I've lost the Constellation of my stomach", "The number of diagnosis has improved", etc.

Some of them said, "I can't drink a lot of Tea," "I want to get nourishment on the go," and "It's too much trouble to boil tea."

Therefore, "Biwa Maru" was made to make it easy to incorporate the whole tea leaves of Nejime Biwa Tea.

A rich amount of useful ingredients are condensed into each grain, making it easier to absorb components than Tea extracted with water.

With 4 "Biwa Maru" 4 grains, you can supplement the ingredients equivalent to about 300ml of "Nejime Biwa Tea".

Recommended for such a person

Lack of confidence in the medical examination

In the evening, the foot is bread bread

Eat too much things with a strong taste

There is a lot of eating out and vegetables tend to be insufficient.

I love sweets and alcohol

I can not get up easily in the morning

Lifestyle is irregular

These goods have the other line-ups

Nejime loquat tea compound loquat round 120

Nejime loquat tea compound loquat round 120


How to use

Please take 4-8 grains a day as a guide.

If you are concerned about your health, it is recommended to drink 20 to 30 grains a day on an empty stomach.

Please pay attention

  • Best before date: 2 and a half years from the date of manufacture
  • If you are affected by potassium restrictions, please consult your doctor before drinking.
  • Cornstant is not changed into a carcinogen.


Product TypeFood
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBiwa leaf (containing 150mg per grain) 60%, starch (cornstarch) 35%, calcium stearic acid 5%