Beautiful line make inner Inner with bra function

Beautiful lines make inner

Inner with bra function

Beauty Posture, Beauty Bathto, Beautiful Body
Bath to-up, waistline shape, it is an inner with a bra function to realize the hip-up naturally. It awakens the function that the body of the woman originally has.


About Beautiful line make inner

From dignified attitude to form, form and consciousness, to the original beauty.

Points of "Beauty Line Makeup Inner"

・Natural fit enables dynamic muscle linkage The deciding factor is the power belt under the chest!

We will create an important fulcrum that leads to a beautiful attitude.

・Beauty posture & waist shape by the power of y-shaped

Both shoulders are pulled back, the shoulder blade is drawn, the posture occurs, and it is bath to up!

In addition, it is linked to the tummy, the back, and the body, and encourages body make-up comfortably.

Special power net that does not tighten and fits

By devising a special power net and pattern, it is possible to "strength of force" necessary to promote the original function of the body.

Naturally, beauty posture, beauty bathto, beautiful body is realized.

Non-wire "Mi Bathto" design

The side hami meat is firmly pulled, and it puts it.

Recommended for such a person

Cat back, posture is bad

I'm worried about the meat of my tummy.

Bath to slack I feel that i don't breathe too much.

How to use

1. Wear it to "wear" from under foot.

2. Pull the back side down.

By lowering the lower end of the center, the spine stretches and both shoulders are pulled back, and the chest opens.

3.I put the bath to.

The posture stands straight, grasps the edge of the inner, and pulls it horizontally in the back direction.

At the same time, the fat of the bath to the side is put in the cup.

4. Adjust the pad.

The top of the pad and the top of the bath are adjusted so that it becomes pita, and the edge of the race is adjusted.

5. Again, do 2.

Adjust the position of the under-bath power line to fall diagonally back(*) ※ Because breathing becomes difficult when the power line of the under bath to get on the bone, please adjust it from time to time.

Please pay attention

  • ※ Please be sure to measure the underbath.
  • How to wash
  • ・The stretch material used is easy to deteriorate by the dirt such as sebum and sweat oxidation,
  • Please choose a weak alkaline detergent.
  • ・Take off the pad and wash your hands, and the body will turn it over to hand washing or
  • Put it on the net and wash it with the weak water flow of the washing machine.
  • ・Because there is a possibility of discoloration to some extent, I recommend washing alone.
  • After rinsing, do not squeeze by hand in both the pad and the body,
  • Please put it in the net and use dehydration of the washing machine.
  • ・When drying, please hang it on a hanger so that it does not bear the burden locally. Please do not use drying machines and irons.


Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients[Body] Nylon 85%, Polyurethane 15% [Cup back] Cotton 100% [Lace portion] nylon, polyurethane, rayon *Without wire