Beautiful line make inner With inner bra

Beautiful lines make inner

With inner bra

Beautiful posture and beauty Bath & beauty body
This is a bra with inner shape bath Setup, waistline and hip to achieve naturally. Awaken the features that originally has a woman's body.


About Beautiful line make inner

From the dignified posture original appearance, shape and sense of beauty.

Point of "beautiful linemakeinner"

-Dynamic muscle work provides a natural fit Key's chest powerbelt!

Create a guide to beauty, an important fulcrum.

-Y appearance beauty vigor & jacket with strength of character

Up posture, shoulders pulled back, scapular have received the Bath Setup!

Working together, tummy, back and buttocks, encourage the body nicely.

-締me付kezu, to fit special powered

To encourage special powered and the pattern of the workings of the body enable the strength of need!

Natural beauty attitude and beauty Bath & beauty body provides.

Design-and-beauty Bath in re-issue guitars

Aside Hami the meat firm intention.

-Like to recommend

And bad posture, hunched over

-Belly meat comes to mind

Bath, the sagging -Shallow breathing and feel

How to use

1. from my feet "wear" to wear.

2. pull the back side down.

By lowering the Central bottom edge with a jerk, shoulders pulled back spine is stretched open the chest.

3. Bath, keep.

Posture is straight, grasp the edge of the inner, draw horizontally toward the back.

At the same time, the armpits and the Bath, the fat puts us in the Cup.

4. adjust the pads.

Pad tops and Bath of the top PITA! and adjust to draw the edge of the race.

5. once again, the 2.

-Under Bath of adjusts the position of the Powerline falls behind (*). * Under Bath, the Powerline in the ribs with the breathing gets harder, and adjust the time.

Please pay attention

  • * Be sure to measure the Underbath.
  • How to wash
  • ・Because The elastic material used is easy to deteriorate by oxidation of dirt such as sebum and Sweat,
  • Please choose a weak alkaline detergent.
  • • Remove the pad and hand-wash the body
  • Please put it in the net and wash it with a weak water flow of the washing machine.
  • ・Because there is a possibility of discoloration somewhat, I recommend washing alone.
  • After rinsing, do not squeeze by hand to both pad and body,
  • Please use the washing machine dehydration by putting it in the net.
  • When drying, please hang it on the hanger so that it does not incur a burden locally. Please do not use Drying and irons.


Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients[Body] 85% nylon, 15% polyurethane [back] 100% cotton [lace, nylon, polyurethane, rayon * wire without