Zetox Zeolite Drink

Zetox 50ml - Zeolite Drink


Zeolite Drink

Drink and serve accumulated dirt
Refreshing power
It is a new idea chelating supplement that optimally blends precious natural pure domestic Zeolite and fulvic acid, which are blessings of nature.
"Zeolite" is a mineral with micropores, and "fulvic acid" is a substance produced by the decomposition of plants such as seaweed.
Use Zetox to help you build a vibrant and healthy body.


About Zetox

It is a supplement that contains domestic natural Zeolite and fulvic acid with natural mineral food water.

You can clear up things that do not need to accumulate in your body.

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How to use

・Crystals and sediment may occur, so shake the container well before use.

・ Please drip 5~6 drops into water at a time and enjoy.

・About 3~4 times a day.

・It is recommended to use warm water of about 40 degrees.

Please pay attention

  • It is recommended that you drink plenty of water.
  • After opening, please store it clean and consume it as soon as possible.
  • Handle the container with clean hands and close the cap tightly after use.
  • Please do not put the contents back into the container once they have been taken out.

Questions and Answers

About the product

Is Zetox a medicine?

Zetox is not a pharmaceutical product.

Refreshing Health beverage water.

Sediment can be seen towards the bottom of the product

Zetox contains the natural mineral Zeolite in ultrafine powder, so a small amount of it may accumulate at the bottom as a precipitate.

There is no problem with the quality, so please shake the container well before use.

How to store the goods?

Store in a place protected from direct sunlight.

If not in use, it is recommended to store it in a cold place such as a refrigerator as much as possible.

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the product.

How to use

Is Zetox safe to drink without water?

While there is no harm from direct consumption, Zetox tends to absorb toxic substances as well as body fluids.

It is recommended to eat with sufficient water or warm water to reduce the impact on communication such as constipation and to make it easier to excrete harmful substances.

Is it better to drink with hot water?

When consuming Zetox, it is recommended that you drink enough water with it.

At that time, it is more likely that the effect of Zetox will be enhanced if you drink it with hot water at around 40 degrees Celsius rather than cold water.

Can it be used during pregnancy?

Zetox is non-toxic and has no addictiveness or side effects, so pregnant women can use it with confidence.

Can children use it?

Children can also use it with confidence in their lifestyles.

Adjust the dose accordingly, taking into account the child's age and size.

Can I use my pet?

It can be used safely on mammals such as dogs and cats.

Please give about 1~3 drops at a time in the form of mixing it with water.

There is no problem with putting it on food, but just like people, give them enough water at the same time.

Does it relate to weight gain or loss?

By removing harmful substances such as heavy metals, it can be expected that cell metabolism will be improved.

When to use before or after meals?

It is not necessary to specify the timing of use, but it is recommended to use it while opening the interval of about 5~7 hours.

Is it okay to use it in combination with medicines?

There is no problem. However, if you are taking anticancer drugs containing heavy metals such as platinum, please do not use them in combination as their effects may be weakened.

The color of the liquid feels lighter than usual

There is no problem at all. Thin cloudiness and precipitation are caused by relatively large Zeolite particles, but zeolite that actually passes through the blood and acts on cells is even smaller and invisibly fine.

The most important fine particles, Zeolite, is almost transparent in liquids, but rest assured that it contains plenty of it.

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

What are the features of Zeolite?

Zeolite is a generic name for porous aluminosilicates, which can be natural or artificial.

Since it has an electrically negative overhead, it attracts harmful substances such as heavy metals and other positive overhead in the body and adsorbs it so that it is sandwiched between its porous structure.

Does Zeolite or aluminum remain in the body?

Zeolite contained in Zetox circulates in the body and is excreted from the body with stool, urine, and sweat in about 5~7 hours, so it does not remain.

Zeolite also does not contain aluminum molecules, so aluminum does not dissolve in the body.

How does fulvic acid work?

Fulvic acid has excellent antibacterial power, separation of harmful substances in the body, and purification action.

In addition, the pharmacological effect of fulvic acid is also attracting attention in medical societies.

Fulvic acid contains a large amount of mineral food that is said to be beneficial to the body.


What is a turnaround reaction?

It is a medical term that refers to various symptoms that appear in the process of improving the condition by excreting toxins from the body due to herbal medicines.

Some people temporarily feel diarrhea, constipation, rash, fever, itching, etc.

If you experience any of these symptoms while using Zetox, adjust the dose and monitor the situation.


Product Typesoft drink
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsNatural mineral water, zeolite, fulvic acid