Z BLUE Kitchen. Laundry.

gizania Z BLUE


Kitchen. Laundry.

This one is OK.
It is a hand-friendly all-purpose detergent of 100% of natural-derived raw materials containing 12 kinds of extracts such as pure polysaccharides, sweet flowers, sweet grasses, hetima, and lavender.
It is a super concentrated type, and there is no waste because I dilute it for all uses and use it economically. It is about 16 bottles as thinned eight times with a thin bottle for the kitchen.


About Z BLUE

Zizania latifolia Enzyme breaks down various stains, and The Zizania latifolia fermentation extract and the cell-decomposed amino acid are hand-friendly. Because it is neutral, I can use it for vegetable washing. It is most suitable for clothes washing, and wool and silk are finished softly. Because there is a disinfectant and the deodorizing effect, it is good for the cleaning of the house.

Biodegradable 99.7% and earth-friendly and economical.

How to use

In the kitchen, use a thin bottle.

The dishwasher, put two or three cups in the washing tub by applying directly to the sponge.

● Please rinse the vegetables and fruits is one push water in a ball of 2L.

【Selection】For washing, i measure it with a triangular cap attached to a bottle and use it.

● 45L cap 3-6 cups, 30L cap 2-4 cups, 15L cap 1-2 cups ※ Please use according to the application.

Wool silk fashionable washing to wash the cap 1/2-1 cup at 10L (3) dilute the cap 1 cup 4ml in a <お掃除には> bucket or the like.

【Bath Soji】

- Mold and hot water of the bath carefully wash with a sponge to guide one cup of cap to the basin.

【Room Of The Same】

- After wiping the carpet included in the cloth and wipe sorat with a dry cloth. (10 x with a thinned bottle)

Mirror, the cara wipe with glass 1000 times liquid, one cup of cap in water 4L is a guide.

The furniture is exposed with a cloth that is well squeezed to a cap 2 cups in water 1L.

- The floor, the tatami is squeezed well to the cap 2 cups standard to water 4L.

Please pay attention

  • Do not place it within the reach of infants.
  • Wash your hands well to prevent rough hands after use.
  • Because it contains a large amount of natural ingredients, the color tone may be different between lots, and it may cause turbidity, etc., but there is no change in the performance.