Kineuchi Men Zaru Udon For a limited time

Kineutimen Zaruudon 175g 2pcs 10set

Kineuchi Men Zaru Udon

For a limited time

Throaty fine noodles
It is a special taste when you eat fine noodles with a good texture and throat without hinyari cold. Please put the noodles finished in ice in a rich soup and enjoy it with the taste of your favorite.

[Limited time: Spring-summer limited April to September] Tsuyu 70ml × 2 meals 10 bags set


How to use

1. Put the noodles in hot water, boil for 1 and a half minutes, drain, and wash with cold water.

2. Serve the noodles, put the attached soup in a small bowl, add the noodles and enjoy.

If you add a taste such as green onion, wasabi, grated ginger, etc., you can enjoy it even more deliciously.


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