Water oil foaming wash Facewashing fee that can remove makeup

Evermere Water Oil Foaming Wash

Water oil foaming wash

Facewashing fee that can remove makeup

Oil foams
No double Facewashing required.
Remove makeup and dirt firmly with friction with less thick oil.
When the water is blended in, the oil changes to a foam. It can be washed gently by becoming a foam.


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Evermere Water Oil Foaming Wash

Evermere Water Oil Foaming Wash


How to use

Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your dry hand and blend it with your makeup.

When the fine bubbles begin to bubble, whisk with a little water or lukewarm water and wash with the entire face wrapped around.

After that, rinse thoroughly.


Product TypeFace Wash
IngredientsWater, cocoil glycine K, glycerin, peg-20 glyceryl triisostearic acid, lauryl hydroxysyline, cocoanhodiacetic acid 2Na, cetyl ethyl hexate, cocamidpropyl betaine, palm fatty acid K, 1,2-hexandiol, acrylet polymer, barley extract, sasak elpaertensis extract, argania spinosa nuclear oil, Seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, Honda walla extract, chikalasuri root extract, orange peel oil, lime oil, bergamot fruit oil, lavender oil, orange oil, lavandura hibrida oil, haqka leaf oil, spearmint oil, roman camiture flower oil, tori (caprile/capric acid) glyceryl, cocamid methyl MEA, panthenol, na chloride, hexylene glycol, EDTA-3Na, K hydroxide

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