Evermere WaterLine Foaming Clearwash Facewashing fee for refreshing comfort

Evermere WaterLine Foaming Clearwash

Evermere WaterLine Foaming Clearwash

Facewashing fee for refreshing comfort

Facewashing fee for refreshing comfort



IngredientsWater, glycerin (moisturizing), BG (moisturizing), cocoyl glycine K (washing), glycosyl trehalose (moisturizing), capriyl methyltaurine Na (washing), pentylene glycol (moisturizing), PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil (wash and solubilizer) hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch (moisturizing), mukurodi extract (washing and foaming), kiraya bark extract (cleaning and foaming), polyglutamic acid (moisturizing), Hydroxypropyl trimonium hyaluronate (moisturizing), polyquaternium-61 (moisturizing), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (anti-skin roughness), allantoin (skin roughness prevention), amambo extract (moisturizing), aloe vera leaf extract (skin roughness prevention), arnica flower extract (skin roughness prevention), cucumber fruit extract (moisturizing), snowfly leaves / stem extract (skin roughness prevention), wild potato flower extract (anti-skin roughness) Moisturizing), Zeniaoi flower extract (moisturizing), Parisetalia extract (moisturizing), Aspartic acid (moisturizing), Alanine (moisturizing), arginine (moisturizing), isoleucine (moisturizing), glycine (moisturizing), serine (moisturizing), threonine (moisturizing), valine (moisturizing), histidine (moisturizing), phenylalanine (moisturizing), proline (moisturizing), lactate Na (moisturizing), PCA (moisturizing), PCA-Na (moisturizing) Moisturizing), hydrolyzed silk (moisturizing), ethylhexyl glycerin (moisturizing), cocoyl glutamate Na (cleaning), PEG-45 stearate (cleaning and solubilizer), tocopherol (product antioxidant), coriander fruit oil (fragrance)

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