Heat Ray Air Warmer Long

Heat Ray Air Warmer Long

This ankle bedrock bath warmer is a long version born with the opinion of the patron of the conventional product, so it warms gently and comfortably from the ankle to the calf and knee.
It is recommended for those who are worried about cold, as well as bedtime, going out, golf, walking, etc.

- Size: width 15× length 44× thickness 5cm
● Weight: about 120g (about 60g one foot)


About Heat Ray Air Warmer Long

海底火山から生まれた岩盤浴にも使われている天然鉱石“Aura Stone”を練り込んだ繊維が、遠赤外線を放出しながら体温も蓄熱してくれるため、優しく温かさをご提供します。その繊維が綿状にぎっしり詰まっているため、更に温かさを体感していただけます。


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsTop side / Polyester 95%, Polyurethane 5%, Back side / Polyester 100%, Inside / Polyester 100% (natural ore included)

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