Wakankoujyun jyun Self-care item "Inner Clean" series

Wakankoujyun Jyun 100ml

Wakankoujyun jyun

Self-care item "Inner Clean" series

You can refresh your body naturally.
Based on the energy adjustment method that has been transmitted to the East since ancient times, Yokoyama analyzes the individual energy of plants through "Ki diagnosis", and blends them in the state of essential oils that are said to maintain high vitality. This adjusts our "over and under" of Ki and cleanses the evil inside and outside the body, so the phenomenon changes. The skin is also adjusted from the inside, and moisture andStretch and tsuya are drawn out, so women who can not let go come out one after the other because of their excellent cosmetics. In addition, changes appear in various fields, such as mental aspects and abilities.


About Wakankoujyun jyun

The "Inner Clean" series is a self-care item that can naturally clean the body in daily life.

The more you use it, the better it will be. Please try to take it from your own easy-to-use.

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Wakankoujyun Jyun gel 100g

Wakankoujyun Jyun gel 100g

While "spray type" is good at normalizing energy body and "ery", "gel type" works continuously by staying firmly, and it arrives deeper, so it is easy to feel changes in the body even more. Because the power to work on the skin is also high, it is also recommended to use it with Skincare. Moreover, it is very suitable for those who apply it to the "point" which is interesting instead of acupuncture and moxibustion, etc. (The point seems to disappear if the flow of the nature is clogged when the body becomes incongruity is caused, and it is arranged). Due to its high properties, if you apply it and keep your skin moist, deep dirt may float too much and you may feel Fatigue. The trick is to blend in with your skin until it becomes smooth, take care of your wrists, ankles and fingertips, and remove any dirt that has floated. Please give it a try. * For efficient self-care, "Yokoyama Taku Method Marujimi DVD" is recommended.


How to use

When you feel a stagnation, please use it by snouting consciously of the energy body around the body, or by directly spouting it around the shoulder or at a point such as the neck, and massading it.

Wakankoujyun Jyun 100ml

It can also be used as Skin Lotion by spouting after Facewashing.

If you do not have enough moisturizing, you can use it in combination with your usual moisturizing cosmetics. As you gradually adjust from the inside, you will feel the warmth with your alone use.

Wakankoujyun Jyun gel 100g

2 years from date of manufacture (unopened)


IngredientsWater, propanediol, odortenjik aoi flower oil, ylang-ylang flower oil, empitsbyaksin oil, rosemary leaf oil, Italian ito cedar leaf/fruit/stem oil, palmalosa oil, lavender oil, chimus masticina oil, red pine leaf oil, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol