vitamincalpha Vitamincalpha renewed

VitaminC-alpha ver.2


Vitamincalpha renewed

For vitaminC intake
Hayashibara LSI Supplement vitamincalpha has been renewed. Seaberry, tomato seeds, and lychee seeds were additionally blended to increase the amount of stable vitaminC derivatives.
We changed from soft capsules (animal) to hard capsules (vegetable), and increased the contents by 1 grain from 30 to 31 tablets.


How to use

Please drink 1 tablet a day.

Please pay attention

  • *Preservatives, fragrances, colorings, and sweeteners are not used.
  • * Other additives are mainly used to solidifie raw materials. I use a material that is safe for the body.


IngredientsTomato seed extract powder (dextrin, tomato seed extract) (domestic production), seaberry extract powder (dextrin, seaberry extract), lychee seed extract powder (lychee seed extract, dextrin), seaweed extract (containing fucoxanthin) / trehalose, crystalline cellulose, HPMC, L-ascorbic acid 2 glucoside (vitamin C), calcium stearic acid, gelling agent (geran gum), silicon dioxide